CJSC «Private Glass» specializes in production of innovative finishing material – honeycomb panels that allow to simulate a wide variety of materials ranging from metal and wood to concrete and glass.

Honeycomb panels are produced using modern, highly efficient equipment with strict adherence to innovative technologies. Our team strictly ensures that every released product complies with Russian and western quality standards.
One of the key advantages of the company «Private Glass» is strict compliance with delivery terms. You can be sure that your order will arrive at your exact deadline. In addition, we offer a more affordable price than foreign counterparts with identical consumer properties. This is why clients turn to us over and over and recommend our products to their partners and colleagues.

Decorative honeycomb panels of the company «Private Glass» are broadly applied and can be used to finish facades and interiors of apartments, offices, and yachts, aircraft, etc.

On our web-site, you can read more about the consumer properties of honeycomb panels, learn about assortments, and make order. Get a free consultation by contacting our representative by phone +44 (0) 7594 039558.

Choose the modern, innovative material of Russian production that will serve for many years!