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Panels of various types are manufactured in accordance with the nomenclature of the manufacturer


Aluminium honeycomb panels PG Honeycomb

«Private Glass» offers to order any quantities of honeycomb panels. «Private Glass» CJSC manufactures aluminium honeycomb panels PG Honeycomb with various materials used as external coating. The range of materials for external coating is quite wide: aluminium, stainless steel, copper, painted steel, glass, mirror, laminate, natural and artificial stone, plastics, etc. Different types of polymer coatings may be used as panel coverage. Surface powder coating also can be used.  


Space between combs is filled with the aluminium honeycomb structure. Hexagonal filler is presented in the form of a comb. Panels are widely used for exterior and interior finishing walls, ceilings, doors, columns, building and facility partitions, vehicles, including ships and yachts, in advertising and exhibition structures.

Selection of outer coating largely determines application areas of honeycomb panels.


The outer sides of a panel have protective-decorative coating that provides such properties as:

Durability. Decorative sandwich panels are resistant to external impacts – temperature difference and increased humidity, so they can be easily applied in Russian climatic conditions.

A variety of textures. Manufacturing process feature allows to apply a variety of textures on honeycomb panels. This provides wide opportunities for decorating facades of buildings and premises.

High thermal insulation properties. With the innovative filler and sealed covering, this material serves as an additional barrier between external environment and interior premises, reducing heat losses.

Corrosion resistance
Stiffness and structural strength



PG Honeycomb is the innovative finishing material constituting light and solid honeycomb panels with the exterior surface made of different materials including many types of metal, veneer of wood, natural stone, plastics, glass, mirror, concrete and other materials.

Application fields of decorative honeycomb panels depends on coating. Sandwich panels are used to finish facades of buildings, interior rooms, premises of marine crafts, boats, yachts and other types of transport.

Today, honeycomb panels have already become widespread abroad in construction of modern buildings and creation of exclusive interiors. In Russia, this high-tech material is produced by the company «Private Glass» which has a large number of models of different design and destination.




How to order panels?

To order honeycomb panels, please specify:



Panel overall dimensions – length, width, thickness

External coating material

Interior layer material


Edge type

Scope of application

Advantages of working with us:

Local product of European quality

Easy ordering

Fast production and delivery

Reasonable price - you do not have to overpay for shipping from abroad

Испытание алюминиевых сотовых панелей ALUDECORE с поверхностью из рифлёного алюминия.

Алюминиевые сотовые панели ALUDECORE. Тест на прогиб.

Радиусная алюминиевая сотовая панель ALUDECORE производство ООО «ПВК ФОРУС-ПРОМ».

«Private Glass» offers to order

any quantities of honeycomb panels

The material is produced using the company's own production capacities, so there is no need to wait for delivery from abroad or to lose time due to intermediaries.

«Private Glass» now offers honeycomb panels with aluminium non-slip coating (for technical floors) with fibreglass, stainless and galvanized steel, stone and concrete, and with a moisture-proof wood (for yachts and sea vessels).

The manufacturer ensures European quality of honeycomb panels, as all products are manufactured using foreign equipment and western technologies. In addition, «Private Glass» is responsible in relation to meeting delivery times and offers one of the most profitable market prices, especially compared to foreign equivalents.

Enjoy all benefits and varieties of this high-tech innovation product on our web-site. Make a choice in favour of domestic honeycomb panels directly from Russian manufacturer!